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Compensation survey data are invaluable to HR departments as they benchmark salaries and benefits. ILTA’s survey provides an opportunity for deep analysis in roles typically associated with IT services. Each functional area is tiered by level of responsibility; and by filtering on geography, years of experience and firm size, the relevant data that affect compensation levels are easily explored.  For an individual, this same type of analysis prepares you for salary discussions with your current or prospective employer.

Our survey process utilizes a hybrid data collection approach, and we surveyed designated HR contacts at some of our member firms who requested that type of input and to another audience of individual respondents from firms that did not have HR participation. Both efforts saw a good response rate, with 18 HR departments reporting on more than 728 people and another 1,939 responses coming directly from individuals. With two distinct survey tools, we provided filtering/screening to ensure that any individual was reported only once; you can read the details about the reporting methodologies under Scope and Methodology. We benefit from our members’ annual review of the functional areas to ensure we’re providing roles that typically relate to the information technology arena.

Survey Results are provided using the Tableau interactive tool which allows you to filter by data of interest. Your data selections can be downloaded to PDF format as well as in other data formats.